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Supramolecular Organic Thin Films for Nonlinear Optics

Aim: To explore new routes for fabricating non-centrosymmetric molecular assemblies in the form of thin films for nonlinear optic Approach: One technique which was invented in our laboratory is Oblique Incidence Organic Molecular Beam Deposition (OIOMBD). The self-assembly process is based on deposition by a molecular beam at oblique incidence on an amorphous substrate and on selective hydrogen bonding between molecule endgroups. Impact: Applications include electro-optic modulation and frequency conversion in nonlinear optical waveguides.

Supramolecular Thin Films
PVBA Molecules on the (111) surface of silver.The molecules self-assemble into ordered, hydrogen-bonded chains.

People involved: Losio, Hunziker

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