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Organic Single Crystals and Crystalline Thin Films

Aim: Growth of high optical quality organic nonlinear optical bulk crystals and single crystalline thin films. Approach: Organic crystals are grown from the solution by the slow temperature lowering or evaporation method, and from the melt by the Bridgman method. Impact: Frequency conversion applications (including THz generation) and integrated optics.

Growth of Organic Crystals Examples of bulk organic crystals grown in our laboratory: stilbazolium salts DAST and DSTMS, and phenolic configurationally locked polyene OH1.

"Crystal Growth of DAST"
B. Ruiz, M. Jazbinsek and P. Günter, Cryst. Growth & Design 8, 4173 (2008).

"Large-size bulk and thin-film stilbazolium-salt single crystals for nonlinear optics and THz generation"
Z. Yang, L. Mutter, M. Stillhart, B. Ruiz, S. Aravazhi, M. Jazbinsek, A. Schneider, V. Gramlich and P. Günter,
Adv. Funct. Mater. 17, 2018 (2007).
PDF (400 KB)

"Organic Phenolic Configurationally Locked Polyene Single Crystals for Electro-Optic and Terahertz Wave Applications"
O.P. Kwon, S.J. Kwon, M. Jazbinsek, F.D.J. Brunner, J.I. Seo, C. Hunziker, A. Schneider, H. Yun, Y.S. Lee and P. Günter, Adv. Funct. Mater. 18, 3242 (2008).
PDF (550 KB)

Growth of Single Crystalline Thin Films (a) Molecular structure of the configurationally locked polyene DAT2 and (b) single crystalline thin films of DAT2 grown by a melt-based vapor growth technique: photograph and SEM (scanning electron microscopy) images.

"Organic Electro-optic Single Crystalline Thin Films Grown Directly on Modified Amorphous Substrates"
O.P. Kwon, S.J. Kwon, H. Figi, M. Jazbinsek and P. Günter, Adv. Mater. 20, 543 (2008).
PDF (200 KB)

"Electro-optic single-crystalline organic waveguides and nanowires grown from the melt"
H. Figi, M. Jazbinsek, C. Hunziker, M. Koechlin and P. Günter, Opt. Express 16, 11310 (2008).
PDF (880 KB)

"High-Quality Organic Single Crystalline Thin Films for Nonlinear Optical Applications by Vapor Growth"
A. Choubey, O.P. Kwon, M. Jazbinsek and P. Günter, Cryst. Growth & Design 7, 402 (2007).

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