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Optical Waveguides in Organic Nonlinear Optical Crystals

Aim: Development of optimal micro-fabrication techniques for organic nonlinear optical crystals. Approach: Several techniques are investigated, i.e., for planar optical waveguides: ion implantation and thin-film growth, and for channel optical waveguides: direct e-beam structuring, direct photo-structuring, photolithography and melt growth. Impact: High-speed electro-optic modulators in organic single crystals.

Direct Electron Beam Structuring Concept of direct electron-beam structuring and photographs/examples of the patterned DAST crystals: Two lines spaced by the waveguide core width are exposed by e-beam (gray), which reduces the material refractive index, leading to both vertical and horizontal light confinement.

Review paper on DAST properties, pattering techniques and applications:
"Photonic applications with the organic nonlinear optical crystal DAST"
M. Jazbinsek, L. Mutter and P. Günter, IEEE J. Sel. Top. Quantum Electron. 14, 1298 (2008).
PDF (2.8 MB)

Direct electron-beam structuring:
"Direct electron beam writing of channel waveguides in nonlinear optical organic crystals"
L. Mutter, M. Koechlin, M. Jazbinsek and P. Günter, Opt. Express 15, 16828 (2007).
PDF (1.7 MB)

Ion implantation:
"Electro-optic and nonlinear optical properties of ion implanted waveguides in organic crystals"
L. Mutter, M. Jazbinsek, C. Herzog and P. Günter, Opt. Express 16, 731 (2008).
PDF (150 KB)
"Ion implanted optical waveguides in nonlinear optical organic crystal"
L. Mutter, A. Guarino, M. Jazbinsek, M. Zgonik, M. Döbeli and P.Günter, Opt. Express 15, 629 (2007).
PDF (230 KB)

Melt growth in pre-fabricated grooves:
"Electro-optic single-crystalline organic waveguides and nanowires grown from the melt"
H. Figi, M. Jazbinsek, C. Hunziker, M. Koechlin and P. Günter, Opt. Express 16, 11310 (2008).
PDF (880 KB)

Photolithography and thin-film growth:
"Fabrication and phase modulation in organic single-crystalline configurationally locked, phenolic polyene OH1 waveguides"
C. Hunziker, S.J. Kwon, H. Figi, M. Jazbinsek and P. Günter, Opt. Express 16, 15903 (2008).
PDF (980 KB)

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