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UV Solid State Waveguide Lasers

Aim: Realization of compact CW UV laser sources based on the frequency doubling in optical waveguides. Approach: Ridge-type optical waveguides in β-BaB2O4 are fabricated by He+ implantation, photolithographic masking and ion sputtering, or femtosecond laser ablation Impact: Compact CW UV lasers with a power of few mW will find applications in spectroscopy, microlithography, and data storage

UV Waveguide Laser
Scanning electron microscope top view picture of a 5 μm wide ridge waveguide (left) and a front picture of the waveguides obtained by an optical microscope (right).

People involved: Degl'Innocenti, Guarino, Reidt, Medrano, Poberaj

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