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Smart-Guide Ferroelectric Thin Films for Microresonators

Aim: Fabrication of micrometer-thin ferroelectric films on low-refractive-index substrates and realization of electro-optically active microresonators. Approach: Thin ferroelectric films will be fabricated using the crystal ion-sclicing and wafer bonding techniques. Microresonators will be structured using the laser- or e-beam lithography and ion etching techniques. Impact: Hihg index-contrast ferroelectric thin films and the techniques developed for their structuring will enable the realization of very large scale intergrated (VLSI) photonic devices.

Smart-Guide Ferroelectric Thin Films Fabrication of micrometer-thin LiNbO3 films: (a) He+ implantation; (b) deposition of a SiO2 buffer layer on the substrate; (c) wafer bonding and annealing; (d) transferred film on the substrate.

People involved: Guarino, Herzog, Hajfler, Choubey, Poberaj

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