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Mid-Infrared Tunable Laser Sources

Aim: Development of tunable pulsed laser sources operating between 3-8 μm based on the optical parametric generation in novel nonlinear crystals such as Sn2P2S6 (SPS) and DAST. Approach: The first step is to determine the laser damage threshold of the selected crystals. Depending on this parameter, suitable frequency conversion schemes such as OPG or OPO will be set-up. Impact: Novel mid-infrared tunable laser sources will be deployed in spectroscopic applications, such as detection of atmospheric trace gases.

Mid-Infrared Tunable Laser Tuning curves of the signal and the idler wavelengths for type I phase matching in SPS crystal for a pump wavelength of 1064 nm.

People involved: Sulser, Poberaj

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