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Infrared Solid State Waveguide Lasers

Aim: Development of a compact infrared waveguide laser based on a Cr:LiSAF crystal, tunable from 800-950 nm. Approach: Ridge waveguides are produced using He+ ion implantation at 77 K followed by photolithography and sputtering. Optical pump will be provided by a coupled red solid state laser. Impact: Compact pump sources for the blue laser light generation in KNbO3 optical waveguides.

Infrared Solid State Waveguide Lasers Reconstructed refractive index profile nc and simulated ion-range distribution for a c-cut Cr:LiSAF crystal implanted with 2.4 MeV He+ ions at a fluence of 5 x 1015 cm-2.

People involved: Majkic, Poberaj

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