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Compact Blue Light Sources Using KNbO3 Waveguides

Aim: Realization of compact blue laser sources based on frequency conversion of IR solid state lasers in nonlinear optical waveguides. Approach: Ridge-type optical waveguides in KNbO3 are fabricated by He+ implantation, photolithographic masking, and ion sputtering. Waveguides are pumed by frequency narrow infrared laser diodes. Impact: Applications in spectroscopy and data storage.

Compact Blue Light Sources Scanning electron picture of a 1.6 μm high ridge waveguide fabricated on a KNbO3 crystal.

R. Degl'Innocenti, G. Poberaj, C. Medrano, P. GŁnter, "Blue and UV solid state waveguide lasers", Glass Sci. Technol. 78, 77-83 (2005)

People involved: Degl'Innocenti, Reidt, Majkic, Choubey, Medrano, Poberaj

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