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Doctoral Theses (PhD) 1995

      "Polarization Insensitive Integrated Optical Waveguide Switches Using InGaAsP / InP"
      ETH Zürich, Nr. 11072
      (Prof. Dr. H. Melchior & Prof. Dr. P. Günter)

    Tilo Blasberg

      "Coherent Raman Scattering for Optical Detection of NMR in Pr3+: YAlO3"
      ETH Zürich, Nr. 11027
      (Prof. Dr. P. Günter, Prof. Dr. M. Mehring & PD Dr. D. Suter)

    Markus Duelli

      "Nonlinear Holographic Associative Memories"
      ETH Zürich, Nr. 11078
      (Prof. Dr. P. Günter & Prof. Dr. U. P. Wild)

    Daniel Fluck

      "Ion-Implanted KNbO3 Waveguides for Blue-Light Second-Harmonic Generation"
      ETH Zürich, Nr. 11225
      (Prof. Dr. P. Günter & Prof. Dr. H. Melchior)

    Georg Knöpfle

      "Nonlinear Optical Characterization and Crystalline Arrangement of Organic Molecules"
      ETH Zürich, Nr. 11159
      (Prof. Dr. P. Günter & Prof. Dr. U.W. Suter)

    Philippe Prêtre

      "Relaxation Mechanisms in Nonlinear Optical Polymers"
      ETH Zürich, Nr. 11193
      (Prof. Dr. P. Günter & Prof. Dr. U.W. Suter

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